Cambridge University Bobbin Lace-Making Club

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About Bobbin Lace-Making

Bobbin lace-making is a traditional craft dating back several centuries. There are many different styles of bobbin lace, but we mainly teach Torchon. This is a simple variety, and a good starting point as it incorporates all the basic techniques.

Bobbin lace differs from other styles of lace by its method of production. Threads are worked on a pattern, or pricking, which is pinned to a pillow. Traditionally the pillow was stuffed with straw, but these days polystyrene is used. The threads are attached to bobbins and woven through each other to form the lace. Only four bobbins are worked at a time, no matter how many are needed for the pattern.

About the CU Bobbin Lace-Making Club

We are a small and friendly club, who meet once a week during term time. For information about the classes see here. We accept members of all abilities, so don't worry if you've never made any lace before!

Beginners start out on bookmarks, but once they're confident they can move on to larger pieces. More advanced lace makers can bring their own projects.

As well as lace classes, we occasionally go on trips to lace and craft fairs. A great excuse to escape the Cambridge bubble for a day, and learn more about lace in the process!


You can contact us via the University Societies Directory here.